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Negro Is Damned

Quote From: Brigham Young

September 4th, 2012 Brigham Young, Racism 5 Comments

You must not think, from what I say, that I am opposed to slavery. No! The negro is damned, and is to serve his master till God chooses to remove the curse of Ham.
Prophet Brigham Young, New York Herald, May 4, 1855, as cited in Dialogue: A Journal of Mormon Though, Spring 1973, p.56

  • Michael Holmstrom

    Umm, Bruce R. McConkie said you have to toss out Brigham Young’s teaching of such, in light of the 1978 Revelation. The same thing happened when Peter has the 3 dreams that led to the Gospel going to more than the Jews, despite what was said by even Jesus before that. So, there is precedence for this.

    • Charlie

      It seems like most of the time Mormons can’t put enough distance between their beliefs & ‘apostle’ McConkie. Typically his writings (esp. Mormon Doctrine) are downplayed as not ‘really’ authoritative. But then on occasion (as here) he is suddenly back to wielding the authority in keeping with his office.

      • Chad

        As far as what is real church doctrine goes, this is how I understand it. Joseph Smith was ordained a prophet, seer, and revelator under the hands of Oliver Cowdery in D&C 21 (during the first day of the church). Oliver later got in some heated arguments with Joseph regarding faith through works and commanded Joseph to repent via letter. A few weeks later JS received D&C 28 which clarifies that Oliver as an apostle is to “not write by way of commandment, but give wisdom.” This was the Lord’s rather staunch rebuttal to Oliver’s actions earlier where thought he could give God’s commands (doctrine). I consider what Apostles/70s giving counsel not unique doctrine. This is where it gets interesting. D&C 81:2 says that ” 2 Unto whom I have given the akeys of the kingdom, which belong always unto the bPresidency of the High Priesthood:” From the time that the keys of the kingdom were placed in the hands of the collective 1st presidency, or the collective body of the 12, then the giving of church doctrine required a group consensus, not just the prophet. You will note that every cannonized revelation given to JS, BY, or JFS was agreed to by the 1st presidency together, then voted by the church. I do not take the statements of individual prophets, not even JS in all cases, to be church doctrine. I had to search rather deep because apostles and other 70s have always said controversial things on evolution. And it make sense when you realize the Lord isn’t letting 1 man call the shots.

    • Elliott Hansen

      “We believe that men will be punished for their own sins, and not for Adam’s transgression.”

      Makes sense that they were damned because of their heritage. Which is it?

    • Egyptologist

      Was Bruce R McConkie a prophet who spoke to God directly? Umm, no. Well here we have from a man who spoke to God directly. – So tell me who is telling the truth? Or is that they are both lying 😉

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